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Auda Aquino
6th Grade



Please check my Google Classroom daily for my available office hours

Nicole Ettinger 
7th Grade



Please check my Google Classroom daily for my available office hours

Danielle McKelvey 
8th Grade



Please check my Google Classroom daily for my available office hours

According to the American School Counselors Association (ASCA), school counselors help all students in the areas of academic achievement, career and social/emotional development, ensuring today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. Here is a valuable link which further explain the role of school counselors at various levels:



Meet the Counselors/The Student Support Team


As a team we work together to ensure that every student at Haddonfield Middle School sees the Counseling Center as a safe space to access supportive adults. While we are each assigned to a grade level and loop with our students for the duration of their time at HMS, we all work together to create a compassionate environment and help any student in need of assistance. We are also here to support staff if they are concerned about the social/emotional well being of their child. We see parents as partners and encourage parents to always reach out to us to discuss your student.


Auda Aquino :

My name is Auda Aquino and I bring over 10 years of experience to the field of school counseling. I graduated from Rowan University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a masters degree in Counseling in Educational Settings. My approach to school counseling has and will always be centered on my students’ needs. As a school counselor, I believe all students can succeed if given the proper advocacy and the favorable circumstances to do so. I believe that all students deserve to feel safe and a part of their school community. Building a strong rapport with my students early on is important in helping them feel safe and included. To create the best outcome for my students, I truly believe it is important to work collaboratively with staff members, administration, outside resources, parents and students.

As a Peer Leader Advisor, I work alongside other advisors to help develop the next generation of student leaders and believe one of the most important characteristics of strong leadership is developing empathy.

This year I am really excited to work together with all interested students in spearheading the creation of a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) here at HMS.

Nicole Ettinger :

My name is Nicole Ettinger and I am currently working with the eighth-grade population of students in the 2019-2020 school year.  I am a licensed clinical social worker with a graduate degree from New York University Silver School of Social Work. I have over 10 years of experience as a school social worker and counselor, where I have worked closely with children and adolescents of all ages.  Over the summer, I volunteer at a weekend-long grief-and-loss camp in order to work with children and adolescents who have lost a loved one. I feel strongly that all adolescents are in need of guidance and support throughout their middle school experience, and my goal is to help them feel safe and comfortable in a school setting. I believe in a holistic approach where we consider the students’ physical, emotional, social and mental-health needs in order to help them transition to middle school and have a successful three years with us. I strive to help students build a strong, positive self-image that promotes the self-confidence they need for academic and social success.  I have an open-door policy and encourage students to seek me out as they need guidance throughout their middle school years.

Danielle McKelvey :

Hello! My name is Danielle McKelvey, and my career in social work began providing services to preschool children and their families through Head Start and then at a public health organization in Philadelphia that served families with prenatal children through age 3. After I became a parent of my own two children, I made a career shift to school counseling in public education. I have a masters degree in social work from Tulane University and believe that every student can succeed with the necessary supports. This looks different for every student, but every student has strengths that can be used to help him/her overcome challenges. I appreciate and encourage a strong partnership between school and family.

Last year a group of concerned students partnered with me to begin thinking about how we celebrate differences so that all students feel welcomed as a valued member of our school community. The students named themselves the Diplomats for Diversity and began designing activities to help students and staff think about identity. This group has expanded to offer an after-school club for any student interested in working towards an inclusive and welcoming school culture.



  • Advocate for all students
  • Individual student counseling
  • Small group counseling
  • Refer students who need therapy or ongoing counseling to community mental health providers
  • Identify resources in the community to meet the needs of families
  • Participate in IEP meetings for students who have social/emotional needs
  • Serve as case managers for students with 504 Plans
  • Participate as a member of the Intervention & Referral Services (I & R S team) to develop action plans for students requiring support in regular education
  • Serve as a resource for teachers when students are struggling with mental health diagnoses
  • Value parents as partners in their student’s educational success
  • Support students in crisis
  • Contribute to a school culture of inclusion
  • Help sixth graders have a smooth transition to middle school
  • Support eighth graders in preparing to transition to high school



While we are here to support the emotional health and well being of all students, we cannot provide mental health counseling/therapy. Mental health counseling requires licensed mental health professionals who receive regular ongoing clinical supervision from a licensed mental health professional. We can help connect you local counselors and therapists


Common middle school challenges that young adolescents encounter:

  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Exploring identity
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Learning to make good decisions
  • Shifting friendships
  • Developing student skills
  • Beginning dating relationships


Helpful Resources:

  • Twin Oaks Crisis



  • Perform Care



  • Adolescent Mental Health


  • 2nd Floor Youth Helpline of NJ



  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



  • The Attic Youth Center creates opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth




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